WOC Diary #Day3

Alas we have reached the last day of World of Coffee and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

The finalists of both the WLAC and WCIGS competitions gave their best in an nail biting final. The triumph of Carmen Clemente in the Latte Art specialty and Agnieszka Rojewska for Coffee in Good Spirits gave end to a truly memorable day.

During this event, when concentration of utmost importance, we wanted to make our SWAT and all the Sanremo team completely available to help out. Some gave their best on the stage, preparing the position for each competitor during the races. We supported all the competitors during the week running up to the finals, accompanying them both on a technological and human level towards their goal of winning the world of coffee.

These years of sponsorship have enriched us as a team, we loved every minute of it all, the emotions, memories and triumphs. We are feeling humble and so grateful for being able to make this journey together. Seeing the dedication of the competitors during the pre-practice days in our showroom, made us feel part of a special world that we have helped to create, we couldn’t be prouder.

We would like to thank the people who have contributed to making this event so great, from 2018 until now. The Specialty Coffee Association and the World Coffee Championships, without which all this would not exist. But a special thanks goes to all those who have traveled far and wide with us during our sponsorship period, and especially our team, unwavering support every step of the way. 

See you all next time, with lots of news and surprises, stay tuned!



1st place: Carmen Clemente, Italy
2nd place: Rora, South Korea
3rd place: Shao-Sing Lin, Taiwan
4th place: Nicky Voon Pei Xin, Malaysia
5th place: Victor Vu, Australia
6th place: Christos Douvas, Greece


1st place: Agnieszka Rojewska, Poland
2nd place: Vladyslav Demonenko, Ukraine
3rd place: Shayla Philipa, Indonesia
4th place: Nelson Phu, Canada
5th place: Danny Wilson, Australia
6th place: Christos Klouvatos, Greece

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