WOC Diary #Day 1

The World of Coffee has opened it’s doors attracting the world of specialty coffee to Milan. For us this event is really important because it marks the peak of the path undertaken in 2018 in Brazil together with the Specialty Coffee Association as the official sponsor of the Latte Art and Coffee in Good Spirits finals.

We wanted to celebrate this important milestone by creating something special, to enclose the uniqueness of our community i through the lines of our machines. We did it with WOC-Customized Café Racers for competitions featuring a truly unique look. A livery that embodies not only attention to detail but also the high-level performances that distinguish us.

For this design we collaborated with Loris Rubin, a Venetian craftsman highly specialized in leather processing, who was able to convert our vision into the finished leather product. Each Café Racer has a different and unique color, in shades of pink and blue in honor of the WLAC and WCIGS competitions.

We are proud of the final result and of the progress we have made so far. Follow us on social media  to stay up to date on the event of the year for the world of coffee.



  • Hiroki Ito – Japan
  • Victor Vu – Australia
  • Shao-Sing Lin – Taiwan
  • Tamara Nadolph – Austria
  • Nicky Voon Pei Xin – Malaysia
  • Christos Douvas – Greece
  • Carmen Clemente – Italy
  • Tse Kwun Kit – Hong Kong
  • Johannes Otto – Germany
  • Cristian Ponce – Mexico
  • Renata Khedun – Ireland
  • Rora – South Korea
The Latte Art Championship semi-finalists

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