The Taste Roastery opens with Opera and Café Racer

On 20 June, the Taste Coffee & More Roastery opened its doors in Postioma, in the Province of Treviso. This micro-roastery is the completion of a project which started 3 years ago with the opening of the specialty coffee shop in the centre of Treviso.

In addition to the micro-roastery, this space is dedicated to the education and dissemination of the art of specialty coffee and it reaches this goal with two of our machines.

“Sanremo is like a family to us. We believe in the product, we know their passion, and we are aware of all the research that goes into every single machine”.

The machines

Opera Octane and Café Racer are the machines used at the Taste Roastery. They are located on the long counter which is going to house bartenders and enthusiasts during the courses programmed for the future. Opera will leave customers speechless. In fact, the three groups of the machine, each with a dedicated boiler, are equipped with three different filter settings for the water, allowing customers to taste the same coffee, with the same recipe, featuring three different waters: an experience for true coffee lovers!

Our link doesn’t show any sign of interrupting: in fact, a corner dedicated to the CUBE will be integrated in the new facility, as well as a Sanremo merchandising area.

Opera Octane

The 140 square metres of the premises are organised in such a way as to create more space, have a strong impact, and show a neat style – far from the industrial micro-roasteries, but perfectly in line with an active, multifaceted, and vibrant way of experiencing coffee.

Open days and guided tours will be planned to discover Taste Roastery (follow them on Instagram to know more). In the meantime, don’t miss the work of this place by enjoying a unique coffee at Taste Coffee & More.

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