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Verona RS

Our Verona RS is a great Sanremo classic, brought up to date over the years without losing its distinctive traits. The benefits it offers coffee shops that decide to display it on their counters are all about reliability, power and accuracy. Because of its intrinsic quality, this machine is approved and certified by WCE.

Realtime stability

Choose real time quality.

The RS system, introduced with this model, allows to set the coffee boiler temperature separately for each group, consistently with the blend and/or single origin coffee in use. Come discover its potential.


RS Technology

Electronically-controlled temperature stability (± 0.2 °C)


RS Group

Exclusive Sanremo design to ensure maximum stability of the set temperature


Energy Saving System

Insulation and smart energy management to save up to 30%

Sanremo Verona RS

Verona RS Range

Verona SAP

Verona TCS

Verona TALL

Sanremo Verona RS

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