Martin Shabaya is our new brand ambassador

Nearly ten years ago, Martin Shabaya began his professional career in a Nairobi coffee shop. As a result of his curiosity, determination, and passion for coffee, he has won the barista championship in Kenya for three years and qualified for the semifinals of the WBC 2021, placing fifth overall. 

Martin’s commitment, team spirit, enthusiasm, and passion for specialty coffee make him the ideal Brand Ambassador for us. 

This collaboration confirms our commitment to closely following the industry’s future. 

Specialty Coffee has only recently begun to establish itself on the African continent, which is a growing market full of challenges. Our partnership with Shabaya marks the beginning of a journey that will involve other young baristas and operators in the sector: there will be scheduled events and seminars in several African countries in order to increase awareness of such a valuable and versatile raw material as coffee. A series of “on tour” opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and cultural influences.

 “I would like to provide all the support that the baristas involved in this field need in their daily work” – announces Martin – “including equipment that allows them to create any type of recipe, expressing their individual personalities, to explore the nuances of coffee at a higher level.” 

“Team Sanremo”, adds Shabaya, “is like a family to me. There is a propensity in this family to look toward the future, constantly seeking ways to improve and innovate. I am happy to be a part of it and serve as its representative in my Country.”  

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