In the name of LOVE (for coffee)


It’s time…for the “lap of honour”: the final and most thrilling lap of the track for the partnership between Sanremo and the ‘World of Coffee” circuit.

After Belo Horizonte and Berlin, Milan will be the stage for the latest edition of the event bearing the ibex emblem as Qualified Sponsor. Since 2018, the first year of sponsorship, Sanremo has never been at this event as merely a technical supplier. At Belo Horizonte, the company team and members of S.W.A.T. put all their passion and know-how at the disposal of the organisers and competitors of the world competitions, looking after on-stage and backstage service. This was an unexpected resource for the competing baristas. The full support and advice of trainers and former champion baristas, who had already gone through the same experience, made all the difference, a first for a competition at this level.

The 2019 edition in Berlin once again saw the group spirit and energy of Sanremo people on the field, creating an atmosphere of intense enthusiasm, but also solidarity at the hard- fought world competition. After a forced hiatus, it was time for the return of the “World Latte Art” and “World Coffee In Good Spirits” championships to bring the experience to a close.

To celebrate the event, Sanremo built two fully customised Café Racers. The official machines used in the finals will take the stage bearing the official WLAC and WCIGS colours, a dedication to the commitment and dreams of the baristas competing for the title. The two liveries were created in collaboration with a craftsman specialising in luxury leather goods. A true master of craftsmanship cut, individually processed and embroidered the Café Racer’s leather side panels completely by hand. This is why no two are alike, they are unique, like the passion of those who love their work.

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