In the heart of Colombia

Coffee tour from Calì to Bogotà

In June 2022, Ricardo, Damian and Patrick led a group of adventurers to discover Colombia’s most famous fincas.
Sanremo supported them in organising the tour, having already supported 3 Coffee Guys initiatives in the past, also to contribute to the development of the world of coffee and foster a greater awareness of its production chain. The trip was an incredible opportunity to meet the producers, see them at work and get an insight into their world. But much more than this, it was a way to help the local production system grow.

The proceeds of the project were made available to the Colombian NGO Ecotropics for assistance and education projects that help farmers to improve their plantations and create new opportunities for their children to have a future in their villages.

3 Coffee Guys

3 Coffee Guys was created to guide small (but also large) roasters, professionals and coffee lovers around the places where coffee is grown: Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Colombia and soon Brazil and India.

The three guys are Damian Burgess – consultant, trainer and SCA trainer, Patrick O’Malley – SCA trainer, Coffee Quality Institute® selector and instructor and Ricardo Villegas – entrepreneur and SCA trainer.

The project was set up in 2017 to make visiting producing countries more accessible for enthusiasts, helping to build new relationships between those who produce coffee and those who consume or process it. Why? Because increasingly more people want to know where their favourite drink comes from.

Discover their complete tour here.

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