Two sensational novelties for Host 2021

We can’t wait to amaze coffee professionals from all over the world once again at Host.

The specifics of the novelties that we will be presenting at Host 2021, the international Food and Hospitality Exhibition to be held in Milan from 22 to 26 October, are still a secret. For the time being we can only reveal that, once again, our team has set ambitious goals, working relentlessly for the past two years to be able to present our usual wealth of novelties at the Milan exhibition. 

We made the most of the months of forced slowdown due to the Covid pandemic to focus all our energy on Research&Development and technological innovation.

What’s new at Host?

The results of this extensive work will be on show at Host 2021. In addition to the Cube project, which has been completed with the introduction of custom versions available in all colours with a dedicated coffee grinder, we will be presenting YOU, the new high-end single-group professional coffee machine and X-one, a new coffee grinder. 

The YOU silhouette

X-one is the outcome of a project that took many years to develop. It is an innovative coffee grinder that boasts the same level of performance and technological content as Opera and Café Racer. The two new products are specifically designed to cater to the evolving requirements of coffee professionals: to simplify the work of the barista and achieve top quality in the cup.

«This fair is particularly dear to us and we want to make a sensational contribution to it, says Carlo De Sordi, Sanremo’s CEO. We have created something unique and are really looking forward to presenting it to everyone.  Listening to our customers and competitors and sharing experiences are in our DNA: we can’t wait to get back into the fray!»

Sanremo Arena

Not only can visitors to Host get a preview of the two new products, they can also try our coffee machines hands-on, or simply enjoy a good cup of coffee. The Sanremo Arena will feature Opera, Café Racer, F18 and the more recent F18SB and CUBE: a complete range to meet the different requirements of professionals.

To keep in touch with all members our online community, we will go live on Instagram and Facebook throughout the event, sharing the most exciting moments and posting lots of special content.

We look forward to greeting you 22 to 26 October at Host, Hall 24P, stand L40.

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