Galloping into legend

Where there is passion, there is Sanremo. Where there is a challenge, there is Sanremo. Together with its Australian partners, Sanremo took part in the incredible organisational machine that makes the “Lexus Melbourne Cup Carnival” an unforgettable event.

The Lexus Melbourne Cup Carnival is a legendary four-day horse racing event that is described by Australians
as “the race that stops a nation”. With more than 700 million spectators from all over the world, this event
has international resonance not only for horse racing enthusiasts. All thanks to the organisers’ ability to create a true spectacle each year that combines fashion, entertainment and hospitality, making it the most important social event on the continent.

This year, St Remio, a leading brand in sustainable coffee, made its debut as one of the event’s partners, engaging Sanremo Australia to create an installation ofcoffee stations along the race route, with a mix of ZOE Competition and F18SB machines.

The jewel in the crown of the installation is the custom-made combination for the exclusive LANDMARK marquee by Lexus Australia, consisting of a Café Racer customised with 24-carat gold detailing and a customised black and white X-One grinder.

In honour of the Melbourne Cup, St Remio created a dedicated Australian blend, which it brought to the track along with its distinctive “St Francis” blend. During the 4 intense days of the event, the baristas were able to extract the full potential and enhance the aromas of the two St Remio blends thanks to perfectly calibrated settings on both machines and grinders, thus enabling race guests to enjoy a “perfect coffee experience”. The Melbourne experience was exciting, both in terms of the pride of working with brands that have deep ethical values such as those held by St Remio and the opportunity to take part in such an exciting and powerfully unifying celebration like the Lexus Melbourne Cup Carnival.

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